Hi wonderful blog people! I’m not going to be posting any new paintings this week instead i thought i should probably fill you in on what’s going on in my life at the moment (yes i realise the cover image is a complete giveaway, but lets just pretend you didn’t see it)…

I’ve dreamed of moving to another country and traveling the world since I was a child. As a teenager I had assumed that i’d finish highschool, go to Uni, grab a design degree then jump on a plane and move to the UK. So i finished highschool, completed my design degree and then well… The thought of packing up and moving somewhere new seems really exciting until you actually decide to do it… But anyway after a couple of years of stalling then months and months of planning i’m finally actually going to go. Next Week i’m moving to the other side of the world!

I will still be posting in August/September but it’ll probably just be old stuff until i’ve managed to settle in or completely freaked out and moved back to New Zealand. I just thought i should probably just mention something here so if i start talking about airports or the like in future posts you’ll know why.

Now. If you’re kinda disappointed with the lack of art in this post then head over to my Instagram where you can see what i’m working on at the moment 🙂



I’ve been testing a bunch of ideas on scraps of watercolour paper over the last week or two, trying to work out what i’ll for my next painting (or drawing, i haven’t made up my mind yet). I’ve got a couple of other little artworks that I’ve been meaning to finish first but then its on to something new! Yay! Anyway here’s some of my little tests.

Abstract Art - by Hannah Goodwin

Abstract Art - by Hannah Goodwin


Abstract Art -Pen & Marker drawing - by Hannah Goodwin

I thought I’d share an older drawing with you today. I drew this one a few years back – around 2012. This drawing is unusual for me in that I left heaps of white space. Somehow I managed to just add a few details and then put the pens away – whereas normally I’d try and fill in every last space. I was going to say that I’ll try do more of this in the future, but, well… I probably wont. At least I can work on being a little more intentional with my use of empty space.

I want to live by the sea

A couple of weeks ago i had a long weekend so i headed up to my parents bach (that’s Kiwi for beach house). It’s winter over in this part of the world which meant i ended up spending a large chuck of my weekend hiding inside drinking tea & finishing drawings while i listened to sound of the rain and the waves. Sigh. I love the beach in winter. Anyway here’s one of the drawings i managed to finish.

Abstract Art -Painting - by Hannah Goodwin

Abstract Art -Painting - by Hannah Goodwin